How You Can Outsmart Burglar’s And What They Think When You Call at 2 am

Don’t You Ever Believe A Car Dealer Who Says He Can Only Make Duplicate Keys

If a car dealer tells you that they could only the one making duplicate keys this is a lie. If you go to a locksmith who specializes in automotive work can make you duplicate keys and the price is also cheaper. Car dealer telling that they can only make duplicate keys is just a marketing plan so don’t fall for it. Need help duplicating your car keys? Click here.

Use a Double Cylinder Lock to Avoid Break-Ins

Having a window near the door or on your door, a thumb turn deadbolt won’t do any better. If a burglar breaks the glass, stick his hand in and turn it then the door is open. You should get a double cylinder lock that needs a key on the inside. Local locksmith expert can help you install this kind of lock on your door for better security give us a call for an appointment.

Don’t Ever Buy a Locked Safe at a Flea Market, Estate Sale or Auction

This kind of safe would cost you $300 or more just to open it just to find out that what’s inside is mouse poop.

When You Buy a New House Have it Rekeyed

If you have just bought a new house recently then you need to have the locks rekeyed. If you don’t get the locks rekeyed then probably there’s a master key out there that can open your home. Local locksmith experts can ensure the security of your new house by rekeying all locks inside your home check our website for more info.