Losing your car key is really a headache and a stressful scenario. Imagine yourself locked out of your car and time is running out since you have an urgent meeting or caught up in a rainy weather. It would, undoubtedly, be a total disaster and would most likely create a negative impact on your day. The good thing about losing your car keys, however, is that like any other unpleasant situation, it can be avoided. All it needs is some organization and focused follow through in order to ensure that you will never lose your car keys again. Below, we take a look at 5 simple ways to ensure that you do not lose your car keys as follows:

Make sure you have a spare car key.From then on you need a plan on not to lose your car keys again. However, it is always beneficial to plan ahead and have a safety net when you can. You need to ensure you have spare keys somewhere in your bag or in your pocket just in case you lose your keys again. Just make sure that the spare keys are always somewhere safe like in your wallet or in the inner pocket of your bag. Most importantly, remember where you keep them in case you need them. More info on having your spare keys click here.

Call help from a local locksmith. If you frequently lose your car keys then it’s the time you call the help of an expert locksmith. You may choose to have new ones made or go the safer route and have your car locks replaced. The latter is especially smart because it guarantees you peace of mind that no one will be able to access your car. This is also a welcome idea if your locks were getting old and worn out. If you happen to be in the Birmingham, check out locksmith expert Birmingham Website as they are a reliable car key specialist.

Use a hook or key tray. Using hooks or a key tray would ensure that you would not lose your car keys again. Make sure you put your keys on either of these so you know where to find when you need them. It is advisable to place the key tray or hook in an accessible place such as above the fridge, the table next to the main door, or your bedside etc. These are foolproof locations where you can store and easily retrieve your keys.

Make use of reminders. If you have an extremely busy or hectic schedule then you are prone to lose your car keys. It is really difficult for you to organize things since you are on the go always. It may come across as silly but if it is what is needed, then it should be done. Put a note to the effect that you do not forget your car keys’ in your closet or on the main door so that before leaving your office or house, you are sure that you have them. Remembering that you have forgotten your car keys when already locked out and running late makes a lot of frustration.

Embrace the use of technology.This is also pretty clever using technology to your advantage and not to lose your car keys somewhere. Presently, there are gadgets that are designed to trace lost car keys through the use of transmitters that emit sounds so that you can track them wherever they may be. Operated through the main controller, such gadgets are, admittedly, a bit pricey. But this can save you a lot of time especially in times of car lockout.

These are just friendly tips if you still happen to lose your keys frequently then it’s time to call an expert locksmith. You can call or schedule an appointment with one of our skilled locksmith who could sort out your issue.