If you experience your pipes bursting out and then you felt like it’s the end of the world then your place becomes flooded with water. You don’t need to panic. Plumbers In Essex has collected a brief guide outlining what to do in case you find yourself ankle-deep in an unwelcome puddle.

How to find your stop valve…

  1. Your stop valve is nearly always in a room where water will be used, and it’s normally on the ground floor.
  2. Quite often the valve will be in the kitchen or bathroom, but don’t forget to check the garage if it’s attached to the house.
  3. If you have an internal water meter, then the valve will be on the pipe going into the meter.
  4. Renovated houses sometimes have stop valves hidden behind cupboards, under floorboards or boxed into strange places. If your home is renovated, make sure you have some tools handy in case you need to get to it in a hurry.

If it’s an isolated leak…

According to plumber Chelmsford, turning off your isolation valves will be just as effective. They control the water supply to washing machines, dishwashers, taps, electric showers and toilet cisterns; and if you use one of these to cut off a leak, then you won’t need to go without water for the rest of the house. Click here to know more about pipe leaks and how to address it

Remember, nothing lasts forever and that includes your pipes. So, if your pipes leak from wear and tear we’ll cover you for the damage the water causes, just not the pipe itself.