The USB port hubs are outlets the new age of technology. It allows cables to be plugged in directly into the port without the need for an extension cord. Electrician Guildford says that these can be ideally placed in key areas of your home that are used often or where you require access to multiple technologies at once.

Here is the list of places in your house that we recommend installing your USB port hubs:

  • Home office. It is where you usually work and you use a lot of gadgets here like your tablet, your phone, and some speakers. USB port hubs will let you plug in your cables directly into an outlet and not on your laptop or desktop anymore. Want to know more where to install USB port hubs? Click here.
  • Family room. It is where everyone gathers. Electrician Wimbledon suggests that it may be time to use USB port hubs for this place in your house because everyone will use the outlet here. Everyone in this place would like to charge their cell phones while they are watching the television or just having a great family time.
  • Kitchen. This is where you usually cook and it will help you a lot if you install USB port hubs here. You can efficiently use these USB port hubs to charge your tablet or phone while you’re cooking.
  • Bedroom, by the nightstand. It is a place where you usually sleep.  It is in our nature that we want our phones nearby to check if there is any notification from your social media accounts or emails.

Ask your local electrician Surrey about this technology now!